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Sustainability | Eva Cammarata



    Slow Fashion is a movement created in reaction to Mainstream Fashion. Very similarly to the Slow Food philosophy that opposes the fast food culture, Slow Fashion stands against the loss of value of what we wear. At Eva Cammarata we are designing your clothes with the intent to ensure quality which means durability, allowing you to cherish the garments you love for longer... still keeping up with the trends, because ethical fashion is cool!

  • Recycling

    Many of our products are made to order avoiding the production of extra stock that would be otherwise produced cheaply to absorb the cost of price reduction during sales. Reusing what is left over from manufacture, reworking small runs of fabrics for example, is a way “reintroduce” rather than producing more and pollute less. Our shopping bags ,for example, are designed with the material as a starting point of inspiration and the textiles are completely recycled, making more from what we have we lift less from nature, throwing less in the landfills.

  • Restyling

    Restyling is a great way to reuse the clothes you like and can no longer wear because the size is not right anymore or just out of shape. You can transform your clothes and use your creativity to make into something completely new. We would be happy to rework the garments you loved and still want to wear, please contact us at to discuss together possible alterations and designing options of the restyling. Transcend the trend, codesign your clothes and suit your style!

  • Ethical Production

    Our manufacture is based in Italy and in the UK utilizing advanced industrial techniques while preserving ancient craftsmanship in our hand made embroidery, knitwear and crochet pieces.

  • Cotton

    Most of the cotton we use is organic but often the range of colours or yarns is limited so we also use cotton from certified origin.

  • Bamboo

    We often prefer to use recycled bamboo silk and cotton, animal and environmental friendly.

  • Silk

    We source all our silk fabrics from Italy and in our silk knits we use formaldehyde free silk yarns that are treated with shea butter instead of toxic chemicals to get rid of the animal residue.

  • Wood

    Wood can be used to substitute leather for its waterproof qualities. We use 99% recycled wood dyed with natural agents finely laser cut to be soft as leather. We make sure to give back to nature what we borrow, in fact for every piece make we plant a tree, simple.

  • Milk

    We use milk fabrics that feel like silk on your skin and are proven to be antibacterial and anti allergic. The amino acids inside fiber take care of your body, nourishing and moisturizing even the most delicate skins. The milk fabric is particularly pleasant and light, has a soft hand touch and a bright look, and it keeps its shape and color also after several washes.

  • Merino

    We use only locally sourced merino yarns and fabrics (UK).

  • Acrylic

    Not a natural yarn but good news for the sheep, an animal friendly option for colder weather.

  • Leather

    We love animals… but we do use leather and other animal fibres such as silk and wool. We use real leather only for our limited edition garments made from beautiful remnants locally sourced. We believe is better to substitute leather with Wood or Alcantara.